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We recently concluded a yeast infection treatment study (also reffered to as Candidiasis, Candida infection or thrush). The study comprised of testing the top 10 most popular products that claimed to work for both male and female sufferers. To our surprise only 3 products were found to be effective and others were useless . You can read about these 3 remedies below to find our test results and other details of each product.

How do we research each treatment?

The medications that have been top-rated in our rankings have been stringently tested on volunteers to see if symptoms do clear up and go away fast as each manufacturer claims. We also scrutinized each therapy to see if it:

  • Kept the disease from coming back. (No frequent recurring episodes.)
  • Provided quick relief from itching, burning, and irritation.
  • Worked effectively on male & female genital area, such as penis, vulva and vagina.
  • Worked to kill most obstinate cases of yeast infections.
  • Shortened the time of symptoms.

For detailed account on what basis we rank each Thrush/Candida treatment product read here.


Product Name: Yeastrol

Effectiveness: Excellent

Side Effects: None

Overall Performance Scale:

Yeastrol is a fast acting homeopathic remedy for Candida yeast infection in men and women. This homeopathic blend worked reasonably well for female and male yeast infection in our treatment research study. No side effects were reported.

There is a huge buzz about this product and sufferers are excited that finally there is a solution that is better than prescription drugs costing $400 plus. Long term use of this product for 6 months proved to safely treat and eliminate the infection in men and women alike. We feel it safe to refer it as a yeast infection cure as per our study results.

Our observation: Best choice for getting rid of the disease.

Yeastrol Website

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Product Name: Candidate

Effectiveness: Good

Side Effects: None

Overall Performance Scale:

Manufactured and marketed by Native, Candidate is a natural remedy for vaginal yeast infection. Candidate contains herbal ingredients proven and well documented to eliminate yeast infections. Though it is not fast at getting rid of Candida but we found it to have good success rate than other formulations. It clears mild to moderate vaginal infection in female sufferers, when used for 2 months.

The only reason why we ranked this system no 2 is that it works only for vaginal yeast infection in women and is of no use for men.

Our observation: Good product for females with Mild to Moderate Infection in Vagina.

Candidate Website

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Product Name: Sarah Summer Ebook Cure for Yeast Infection

Effectiveness: Satisfactory

Side Effects: None

Overall Performance Scale:

We found the formula given by Sarah Summer in her e-book to give good results in removal of yeast infection (thrush/candida). We rank it at No.3 as per our test study results.

The best characteristic for this formula is that it is a homemade remedy beneficial to those suffering from yeast infection that appear in places such as in mouth (cold sores) and genitals in beginning stages. It is works to remove Candida yeast and prevents it from returning.

However, it does have its disadvantages as well. The main drawback is that it works well for individuals who have had recent infection, in case of old infection it doesn't seems to be very effective at getting rid of that.

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Candida Albicans overgrowth is often referred to by many names like thrush, Candidiasis, Candida, or merely as a yeast infection. Whichever name is used, it means the same disease or condition. It is not a condition to be taken lightly.

In certain cases where it is left untreated, the infection may spread throughout the body. Even common mouth, anal, penile and vaginal yeast infections can lead to critical illness and can become resistant to common remedies, causing recurrent yeastinfection.

Which therapy to use for relief?

Many over the counter products claim to fight thrush and Candida yeast infections. However, many research studies like ours suggest that lot of such solutions don't work to get the root cause treated. Many remedies have to be combined with a strict Candida diet in order to be affective and this diet is in no way easy to follow.

You need to be very careful about using any anti yeast medication, so you should buy treatments from trusted manufacturers. Try to avoid drugs/medications that have a potential for serious side effects.

You may look for ingredients of treatment products if they are proven by medical studies to have the ability to heal Candida infections.

We try to help you find new and better way to treat Candida yeast infections in men and women.

Is cure possible?

To get rid of Candida infection forever, it can be treated by both prescription and over the counter yeast infection treatment methods. Prescription treatment for yeast infection requires drugs or medications which have there own side effects. However, alternative treatment approaches require treating the disease with over the counter remedies and topical solutions.

In order to have a permanent cure for Candida and prevent recurrence, long term treatment is the key. This website recommends best-performing yeast infection treatment products which come closest to a yeast infection cure based on user feedback.

We have tested all the products ourselves to ensure that these are truly a natural cure for yeast infection. This comprehensive website on treatment for yeast infection with photos has been compiled to offer practical information about some of the best ways to treat yeast. It also provides a list of solutions for removal of all symptoms and how to avoid any recurrences.

Curing and preventing this uncomfortable condition is possible. There are just about as many treatments as there are symptons in females and males. Trying to find the best natural yeast infection remedies or other home remedy to treat the effects of Candida naturally can be somewhat daunting. Do not rely too much on unheard of non-prescription options that claim to get rid of fungus when they are not really treating the true causes of the infection.

How fast should one expect results?

The healing process varies from person to person and depends on the amount of Candida overgrowth (yeast overgrowth). A fair percentage of sufferers start to experience immediate results upon treatment with over the counter products like Yeastrol. But it could take several months to experience permanent yeast infection cure.

As a rule of thumb if you donít experience immediate symptom relief, it may mean that you have more severe infection than you thought.

On the contrary, some of our test subjects felt symptoms getting aggravated or flared-up after starting the treatment. This phenomenon is documented in medial studies as die off symptoms of yeast infection and evidence that the treatment is working.

What are the Symptoms?

Yeast infection can occur at variety of body areas like mouth, underarms, vagina, penis etc.

Symptoms in Men (Males):

  • Penile Itching
  • Feel burning on or after passing urine
  • Penis itching after sex
  • Rash or redness on the penis or scrotum
  • Painful sexual intercourse

Symptoms in Women (Females)

  • Vaginal itching
  • Vaginal bleeding in some cases
  • Thick, white and lumpy cottage cheese like Vaginal discharge
  • Vaginal soreness, irritation or burning
  • Rash or redness on the skin outside the vagina
  • Feel burning sensation during or after urination
  • Pain during vaginal intercourse
  • Unpleasant, fishy smell of the vagina, vaginal odor
  • Often the vaginal discharge smells like bread

Other Signs which are common among Men and Women:

  • Tongue with white coat
  • Memory loss for short term
  • Dizzy feeling
  • Craving for sweet substances
  • Digestion problems
  • Irregularity in heart beat, etc

Vaginal and penile Candida infection is very common. According to recent estimations, it is approximated that seventy five percent of all men and women will suffer from candidiasis at least on one occasion during there lifetime. Fifty percent of these patients go on to experience repeated infection symptoms because of ineffective remedies. As such better treatment of Candida should be used to successfully get rid of Candida yeast infection.

Valuable Input from Site Visitors

We have noticed that the information on the best cures comes from visitors like you. We have posted all the valuable input sent to us on this web site so that you can really judge for yourself as to what works and what doesnít.

We have also noted that there are sufferers that have been very successful with their own natural home remedies. We would love to know your secret treatment to help others. Please feel free to send it to us.

In case you have tried any other treatment as well, please submit your experience to us. Whether it was good or bad, we urge you to share your feedback so we can have a better understanding of the most effective treatment. Please also be sure to submit any photos that you believe would be helpful.

Answers to Everything

Our goal is to provide you with easy access to information on such topics as:

  • How do you get a yaest infection?
  • What does it look like?
  • Is it contagious?
  • How long do yeastinfections last?
  • Male infection symptoms (with penile - penis photos).
  • What are the signs and symptoms?
  • Can you get rid of severe or chronic infections?
  • Is it possible to kill all the symptoms and be free of Candidacies?
  • Does your diet provide relief or help this disease go away?
  • The effects of an infection on someone who is pregnant as well as on babies, a toddler, and children.
  • Steps to prevent the condition from occurring and recurring.
  • Vaginal infection treatment, including natural home remedies, antifungal medicine, and prescription options as well as recommendations from site visitors on at home cures.
  • Candida cleanse diet. Foods that help to clear this disease.

Quick Facts

  • Effects of this non-contagious condition can show up in women, men and even infants and babies.
  • There are a range of symptoms, including itching, burning, redness, soreness, and vaginal discharge.
  • Cure from symptoms is possible.





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